Author: Martin Warmer (martin.warmer at
History: 2011/10/26: First release
Installation: Drag and drop Anaglyph_.class onto the "ImageJ" window.
Description: The plugin generates a red/green anaglyph or output for the Sharp LL-1513d monitor based on a single 8-bit image. The second image for stereoscopic viewing is generated based on the intensity information given by the first image. Details are presented in R. Reimer et al. in Microsc Microanal 13(Suppl 2), 2007 "An ImageJ Plugin for Stereoscopic Visualization of Three Dimensional Structures on Images Obtained by Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy ESEM". The plugin can be used mainly for two purposes: In cases where depth information is encoded in the image intensity a 3d image close to the real situation can be generated (e.g. some BSE ESEM images). In cases where this assumption hol not true, the plugin can still be useful by separating image details in the third dimension analogue to the usage of false colour images and thereby supports the analysis of e.g. complex TEM images.