Load and save Analyze format images

Author: Guy Williams (gbw1000 at wbic.cam.ac.uk)
Limitations:Cannot save RGB images
Source: Analyze_Reader.java and Analyze_Writer.java
Installation: Download Analyze_Reader_Writer.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restart ImageJ, and there will be new File>Import>Analyze... and File>Save As>Analyze... commands.
Description: These plugins load and save images in Analyze format, a common multidimensional biomedical imaging format. You can open Analyze images using File/Open or drag and drop if the HandleExtraFileTypes plugin is in the ImageJ plugins folder.

The NIfTI Input/Output plugins are extended versions of these plugins that add support NIfTI-1, an extension of the Analyze file format, and also add support for hyperstacks.

History: 2000/11/14: First version
2002/04/03: Fixed problem opening signed 16-bit images
2002/06/13: Fixed problem saving signed 16-bit images; removed redundant "file already exists" dialog
2002/08/27: Opens images with non-zero offset
2004/08/16: Images are no longer upside down
2004/09/24: Fixed stack handling bugs introduced in 2004/08/16 version
2004/01/25: Analyze_Writer updated to be compatible with ImageJ 1.34
2004/02/15: Open and save from command line now works
2004/04/14: Error message displayed in "Log" window
2005/08/11: Analyze_Writer displays an error if image is RGB
2006/04/07: Fixed bug reading files with upper case extensions
2007/06/28: Packaged as JAR file
2008/10/29: Analyze_Reader works with Import>Image Sequence and IJ.openImage()
2009/12/06: Writes virtual stacks (requires ImageJ 1.43m and later)
See Also: The NIfTI Input/Output plugins

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