Auto Gamma

Authors: Remi Cathelin - SIGENAE Team - INRA (cathelin at
History: 2006/01/25: First version
Bugs: 0 bug(s) listed.
Installation: Download Auto_Gamma.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ. Use the Auto Gamma command in the Plugins menu.
Description: Auto_Gamma plugin allows to apply a gamma correction to an image.
Gamma Formula used is:
y = range* (x/range)^gamma
range = the image pixels range (example: 65535 for 16-bit images)
x is the pixel value of the image before gamma transformation.
y is the pixel value of the image after gamma transformation (the image result).

This plugin allows to determine the gamma value according to x and y values.

Formula used is
gamma = log(y/range)/ log(x/range)
By default:
x is the mean value of pixels of the image
y is the half value of the range (32767 for 16-bit image)

note: unchecks boxes if you want to use your own values

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