Azimuthal Average

Author: Philippe Carl (philippe.carl at
History: 2007/06/05: First version
2007/09/09: Works for all starting angles
Source:Contained in the JAR file. To open a JAR file, change the extension from ".jar" to ".zip" and double click on it.
Installation: Download Azimuthal_Average.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restart ImageJ, and there will the new command (Azimuthal Average) in the Plugins menu, or submenu.
Description: This plugin is for the calculatiom of an azimuthal average. It lets you choose the starting angle and integration angle over which the integration on the defined circle is done. The integration will be done over an area defined by : starting angle +/- integration angle. The size and the position of the Roi can be defined and modified by either using the plugin menu or shortkeys on keyboard. Additionnally, the integration calculation can be done over a whole stack.

The plugin includes also a routine abling the calculation of the radius of the generated Roi and saving the data in a result panel.

The keyboard shortcuts of the plugin are the following (active when the picture window is selected)

    Modify ROI X position by:     -  1 pixel  ->        Left/Right keys
                                  -  5 pixels -> ALT  + Left/Right keys
                                  - 10 pixels -> CTRL + Left/Right keys

    Modify ROI Y position by:     -  1 pixel  ->        Up/Down keys
                                  -  5 pixels -> ALT  + Up/Down keys
                                  - 10 pixels -> CTRL + Up/Down keys

    Modify Outer Radius size by : -  1 pixel  ->        PageUp/PageDown keys
                                  -  5 pixels -> ALT  + PageUp/PageDown keys
                                  - 10 pixels -> CTRL + PageUp/PageDown keys

    Modify Inner Radius size by : -  1 pixel  ->        Home/End keys
                                  -  5 pixels -> ALT  + Home/End keys
                                  - 10 pixels -> CTRL + Home/End keys

    Plot Outer Radius:                   g
    Plot Inner Radius:                   j
    Plot Integration Area:               l
    Calculate ROI (Outer Radius) Radius: u

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