Background Correction

Author: Terry Wu (javaplugins at
History: 2001/07/17: First verdsion
2004/03/09: Updated to work with byte masks used in v1.32c and later
2008/06/27: Updated to work with ImageJ 1.38 and later
Requires:ImageJ 1.38 or newer
Limitations:Only works with 8-bit images
Installation: Download Background_Correction_.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
See Also:ImageJ's Process/Subtract Background command
Description: This plugin corrects image defects caused by uneven illumination in fluorescent microscopy.

The plugin performs the following steps:

  1. Generates a background image estimated through iterations of the minimum ranking with the number of iterations defined by the user.
  2. Substracts the background image from the orginal image and generates a result image.
  3. Contrast enhances the result image.

Before Background Correction

After Background Correction


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