Bezier Curve Tool

Author: Berin Martini
History: 2010/01/26: Original release
2012/01/18: Converted to a PlugInTool
2012/06/26: Fixed bug where control lines were placed incorrectly
Requires ImageJ 1.46f or later
Source: Java source is in bezier_tool.jar
Installation: Drag and drop bezier_tool.jar onto the "ImageJ" window, save it in the plugins/Tools directory, then run the Plugins>Tools>Bezier Curve Tool command to add the Bezier Curve Tool to the ImageJ toolbar (it has a "B" icon).
Description: This is a version of Berin Martini's Bezier Curve ROI plugin that has been converted to a plugin tool. To use (once installed) simply click, drag and release on an image to define a starting point (Bezier control point zero) and the first Bezier control point. Then click , drag and release again to define the curves end point (Bezier control point three) and second Bezier control point. The shape of the curve can be altered by clicking on any of the control points and dragging them around until the desired shape is reached. New curve segments can be added to the curve by holding down the shift key and clicking on any of the control points which form part of the curve. Likewise, segments can be removed by holding on the alt key a clicking on any of the same control point. A single clicking anywhere on the image outside the control points will convert the bezier curve into a line selection.

[screen shot]