Open Biorad PIC

Authors: Geert Meesen (Geert.Meesen at
Wayne Rasband (wsr at
Morris Feldman (mf243 at
Greg Joss (gjoss at
Gregory Jefferis (gsxej2 at cam dot ac dot uk)
History: 2000/05/04: First version
2003/01/30: Opens files with more than 1024 images
2003/06/26: Fixed truncated "notes" bug
2003/07/01: Opens images smaller than 128x128
2003/07/02: Opens 16-bit stacks
2003/08/11: Reads LUTs; extracts frame rate from notes
2005/06/16: Fixed "Unexpected EOF" bug
2006/02/16: Compatible with getDirectory('image') function
2006/03/06: Opens 16-bit, little-endian images
2007/06/14: Opens gzipped PIC files in IJ>1.38s
Limitation: Cannot read merged pseudocolored files.
Installation: Download Biorad_Reader.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: Opens a Biorad z-series of images as a stack. The width, height and number of images are extracted from the first 3 16-bit word in the 76 byte header and the spatial calibration is extracted from the ASCII "notes" at the end of the file. Use Image/Show Info to display all the "notes".

Install the HandleExtraFileTypes plugin and you will be able to open Biorad images using File/Open or by using drag and drop.

Mac OS X users: Avoid the ".pic" extension. OS X seems to think files with this extension belong to QuickTime, which may cause ImageJ to crash.

See Also: Biorad plugins by Gregory Jefferis (Batch Convert To Biorad, Biorad Batch Merger, Biorad Batch Projector, Biorad OverWriter and Biorad Writer)

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