Paint Brush

Author: Jeffrey Kuhn (jkuhn at
The University of Texas at Austin
Requires: Requires Java 1.2 or later
Installation: Replaced by a macro tool now included in the StartupMacros file
Description: This Paintbrush tool is based on the Mouse_Listener example plugin. It allows painting on images or stacks. Click and drag to paint using the current foreground color, or hold down the ALT key to paint using the background color. The size of the paintbrush can be set with Edit/Options/Line Width...

If you make a mistake, select Edit/Undo to remove the last painted stroke.

The plugin acts as a toggle switch for painting or selecting. Run the plugin once to attach the paintbrush to the foreground window and begin painting. Run it a second time on the same window to detach the paintbrush and allow selection. The paintbrush may be toggled on a per-window basis.

The plugin works by removing any other mouse listeners from an image canvas and setting itself up as the only mouse listener. If it finds a paintbrush already attached to a canvas, that paintbrush is removed and the old mouse listeners are restored.

See Also: Paintbrush macro tool included in StartupMacros

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