Calculator Plus

Author: Wayne Rasband (wsr at and
Gabriel Landini (G.Landini at
History: 2002/03/13: First version
2002/04/16: Added "Create Window" option; bug fixes
2003/06/09: Supports operations where i1 is a stack and i2 is not
2004/07/17: Does plane-wise calculations on RGB image 2009/06/09: Fixed subtract image order bug
Requires: ImageJ 1.31q or later is required to run this plugin from a macro.
Installation: Copy Calculator_Plus.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This plugin will add, subtract, multiply or divide two images or stacks. Unlike the built-in Process/Image Calculator command, it allows results to be scaled to prevent clipping when working with 8 and 16 bit images. Also, unlike the built-in calculator, it works with calibrated images and images do not have to be the same type. Note that if i1 is a stack and i2 is a single image then i2 will be applied to the entire stack.

Adapted to operate on the RGB planes independently by G. Landini 17/July/2004. Now colour images can be operated plane by plane. The result of the RGB operations are rounded and trimmed to the 8 bit space in each plane. This is useful to perform background uneven illumination correction in brightfield microscopy using colour images:
    image/brightfield * 255
Before this plugin returned a greyscale result, now it returns an RGB result.


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