Cell Outliner

Author: Mike Castleman (m at mlcastle.net)
Based on the original SegmentingAssistant plugin
by Mike Miller (miller5 at mailaps.org)
History: 2003/10/08: First version
Requires:ImageJ 1.31i or later
Limitations: Won't work on single images - a work around is to simply add an empty frame into the image.
Source: Cell_Outliner.java
Installation: Download Cell_Outliner.java to the plugins folder, or subfolder, and compile and run using Plugins/Compile and Run. Restarting ImageJ will add a "Cell Outliner" command to the Plugins menu or a submenu of the Plugins menu.
Description: Applies the magic wand to a picture with a specified threshold and at a specified point on a stack. Will process an entire stack with specified starting frame and ending frame, using the magic wand outline to clear inside, than clear outside and then draw a line with graylevel=255. The "Preprocess Image" will apply a median filter with radius 1 and apply any cuts defined by "Beginning Slice" and "Ending Slice." The plugin provides a nifty set of navigation buttons for scanning through the stack. It also provides a very nice little feature that has the program to compare the size of the current outline with the previous outline and to jog the "Vertical Centroid" value in order to find the full outline again. This is helpful when dealing with noisy data where the magic wans will occasionally find the outline around a patch of above threshold noise instead of finding the desired object.
Bugs: Sometimes draws the graylevel at a number less than 255, probably has to do with scale on conversion.

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