Author: Pierre Bourdoncle (
Institut Jacques Monod, Service Imagerie, Paris
History: 2003/04/18: First version
2004/10/24: Recordable
Installation: Download Colocalization_.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This plugin highlights the colocalizated points of two 8-bits images (or stacks). The two images (or stacks) will be affected to the two Red and Green channels of an RGB image (or stack). The colocalizated points will appear white by default (Display value = 255). The plugin initially generates an 8bits image with only the colocalizated points (image available by validating Colocalizated points 8-bit), then it combines the three 8-bits images in an RGB image. Two points are considered as colocalizated if their respective intensities are strictly higher than the threshold of their channels (which are 50 by default: Threshold channel 1 (0-255)), and if their ratio (of intensity) is strictly higher than the ratio setting value (which is 50% by defect: ratio (0-100%)).

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