Color Histogram

Author: Dimiter Prodanov (dimiter.prodanov at
Department of Neurosurgery
Leiden University Medical Center
The Netherlands
Source: Contained in Color_Histogram.jar, which can be opened using a ZIP utility
Installation: Download Color_Histogram.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restart ImageJ, and there will be a new "Color Histogram" command in the Analyze/Tools submenu.
Description: This plugin generates a color histogram of RGB images.
Color Histogram
History: 2004/05/10: First version
2005/04/13: Fixes minor ROI handling bug; packaged as JAR file
2005/11/01: Fixes ROI handling bug; results written to Results window
2007/04/30: Fixes a mask handling bug; adds class for RGB statistics calculation; results are now printed
2010/09/24: Now compatible with getResult() macro function
See Also: RGB Measure plugin and HSB_Histogram macro

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