Stack Combiner

Author: Wayne Rasband (wsr at
History: 2000/11/27: First version
2001/05/08: Added "Vertical" option
2004/06/21: Fixed recording/playback bug
2006/11/14: Fixed macro batch mode bug
Installation: This plugin is built into ImageJ 1.43t and later as the Image>Stacks>Tools>Combine command.
Description: Combines two stacks (w1xh1xd1 and w2xh2xd2) to create a new w1+w2 x max(h1,h2) x max(d1,d2) stack. For example, a 256x256x40 and a 256x256x30 stack would be combined into one 512x256x40 stack. If "Vertical" is checked, create a new max(w1+w2) x (h1+h2) x max(d1,d2) stack. Unused areas in the combined stack are filled with the background color. To set the background color, alt-click in the "Colors" window.

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