Contour Plotter

Author: Walter O'Dell PhD, wodell at
History: 2003/05/06: First version
2004/12/13: Added a small delay in the refresh function to give the system time to clear the old graphics before inserting new graphics, giving the error that the first few levels were drawn before the system finished the initial clearing of the screen and thereby the system immediately erased them, giving the impression that the levels were never drawn.
2005/07/07: The user now has the option to set the selected contour as the image ROI. Upon setting the contour as the image ROI one can then use the existing Analyze/Measure to compute the area inside the contour, among other things. One can also then use the existing Edit/Clear, Fill, Clear Outside functions to modify the image based on the contour. If there are multiple contours at a level, the ROI is generated from the largest contour at that level.
Source: The source is in Contour_Plotter.jar, which can opened using a ZIP utility.
Installation: Place the Contour_Plotter.jar file into your plugins directory, or subfolder, restart ImageJ, and there will be a new "Contour Plotter" command in the Plugins menu or submenu.
Description: Draws contour lines in the user-defined color and at the user-defined levels. Works on Stacks and color images also. Because it uses the GenericRecallableDialog class, the user interface GUI remains active.

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