Depth From Focus

Authors: Emerson Ferreira de Lucena (elucena.ferreira at
Luis Rogerio de Oliveira Hein (rhein at
History: 2010/01/30: Initial release
Installation: Drag and drop Depth_From_Focus.class onto the "ImageJ" window (drag and drop installation requires ImageJ 1.43).
Description: Descripton: This plugin implement the Ryall sharpness index with array dimensions from 3 to any odd values set by the user. The elevation map is include to if the microscopy stage displacement is avaliable. This version doesn't weigh the effect of the corner pixels the same as the orthogonal.

The composite image resulted from plugin is improved by the refined method according to (Goldsmith, 2000) and available at

A 16MB TIFF test stack (, obtained from the surface of red ceramic sample, is available.

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