Vessel Diameter

Author: Michael J.M. Fischer (mjmf2 at
Department of Pharmacology
University of Cambridge, UK
History: 2010/04/26: Version 1.0
Installation: Drag and drop Diameter_.class onto the "ImageJ" window (drag and drop installation requires ImageJ 1.43).
Description: The plugin is intended to measure the diameter of a blood-filled vessel in front of a lighter background. It requires a stack of greyscale images. From a line selection five measurements (selection and two parallel shifts in both directions) are taken. The five diameters and the five pairs of start and ends of the vessel are copied to the system clipboard.

A test stack (, in TIFF format, is available.


  1. Start ImageJ
  2. Load image (stack), e.g. using File>Import>Image Sequence
  3. Draw a line selection across the structure of interest
  4. Execute Plugins>Diameter
  5. Paste the results from the system clipboard, e.g. to a spreadsheet program
A publication describing the plugin has been accepted and is online in a preliminary version (Measurement of meningeal blood vessel diameter in vivo with a plug-in for ImageJ).

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