DICOM Directory Analyser


Dirk Scheffler (dirk.scheffler at charite.de)
Dep. of Radiooncology, Charite Hospital
Humboldt University, Berlin  


2004/08/04 Version 1.0


tested with Version 1.32j




Download DicomDirectoryAnalyser_.jar to the plug-in folder, then restart ImageJ.


This plug-in uses the JFileChooser Component with ImagePreview and multiselect (Ctrl+Alt ,Ctrl+Shift) to open and to analyse image files to their according stacks. The plug-in implements a standard sorter for DICOM Images which implements a separation of  Images according to the following DICOM header tags:

-         frame of reference UID,

-         image orientation,

-         Image Position Patient (Numeric sorting).

-         No processing of oblique slices is performed.

First the slices are grouped by the frame of reference UID. Second grouped by the image orientation (angles disturb the result!). The sorter tries to detect the stack slices direction by comparing the image position of the first two slices. If the slice position is in one direction is larger than 0.75* slice thickness sorting of the stack is performed according to this direction. With the methods provided in this package adapted sorters can be easily developed. The memory use of the java virtual machine (ImageJ: Edit ->Options->Memory) should be adapted (>512 MB) if lots of images are processed.


Store DICOM Header Info in separated slice property info string

Implementation of management for different sorters.