Dynamic Profiler

Authors: Wayne Rasband (wsr at nih.gov)
Michael Schmid (schmid at iap.tuwien.ac.at)
Source: Dynamic_Profiler.java
Installation: Dynamic profiling is built into ImageJ 1.45 and later via the "Live" button in profile plot windows.
Description: This plugin continuously updates a profile plot as a line or rectangular selection is moved or resized. (Note that the arrow keys can be used to move the selection.) It is also updated if the image changes, thus it can be used to monitor the effect of a filter during preview. Plot size etc. are set by Edit>Options>Profile Plot Options.
See Also: Z Profiler plugin
History: 2003/09/24: First version
2003/09/26: Fixed bug that caused plugin to fail to run more than once
2003/10/07: Plot is updated when a key is pressed
2007/01/09: Correctly plots scaled and calibrated images
2007/12/07: Plot is updated when the image changes
2009/05/06: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the profile to not be updated when the arrow keys were pressed
2009/06/16: Uses fixed y-axis if enabled in Edit>Options>Profile Plot Options
2009/08/18: Line selection restored after image updates

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