File Opener

Author: Wayne Rasband (wsr at
Requires:Java 1.3 or later
Limitations:JFileChooser is not like the standard file open dialog. Multi-file selections may not work with versions of Java before JDK 1.3.
Installation: This plugin is built into ImageJ 1.32c or later. To use it, enable "Use jFileChooser" in Edit/Options/Miscellaneous and use the File/Open command.
Description: This plugin is an alternative version of File/Open that uses Swing's JFileChooser to provide the ability to open multiple images. In the file open dialog, shift-click to select multiple contiguous files and control-click to select more than one individual file.

This plugin requires Java 2, which is included with the Linux and Windows distributions of ImageJ and is built into Mac OS X.

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