Fractal Generator

Author: Audrey Karperien (
History: 2005/08/10: First version
2007/06/19: Updated options and interface; added Koch fractals
2012/04/19: fixed bugs with gui and centering images; updated fat fractals; put all scales on one input dialog as per user requests
Requires: Java 1.6 or later
Source: Fractal_Generator.jar
Installation: Download Fractal_Generator.jar to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: The plugin draws simple quadric and Koch fractal contours and fat fractals such as the Sierpinski gasket and a custom fat fractal. The user can specify size, line width, and iterations, and can use colour options or generate binary files for fractal analysis benchmarks. The table below illustrates several models that can be generated and lists their theoretical fractal dimensions.

Theoretical Fractal Dimensions

TypeScaling Rule
(ln New Parts/ ln Scale)
= Fractal Dimension
Koch Line[line]ln 4/ln 31.26
Koch Flake[koch]ln 4/ln 31.26
Quadric Flake[qflake]ln 3/ln (√5)1.37
Quadric Cross[cross]ln 3.33/ln (√5)1.50
8-Segment Quadric Fractal[8seg]ln 8/ln 41.50
18-Segment Quadric Fractal[18seg]ln 18/ln 61.61
32-Segment Quadric Fractal[32seg]ln 32/ln 81.67
50-Segment Quadric Fractal[50seg]ln 50/ln 101.70
Fat Fractals[montage]variousvarious

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