Grayscale Morphology

Author: Dimiter Prodanov (D.Prodanov at
History: 2003/19/15: First version
  • "fast" versions of the erosion, dilation, opening and closing operations based on local histograms. Also the van Herk/Gil-Werman (vHGW) algorithm for linear SEs was implemented (it is really fast).
  • Processing of stacks is now enabled
  • The plugin can handle arbitrary ROIs
    2006/06/14: Fixed bug that caused an exception
    2013/05/16: Fixed bug that caused an exception if image was not displayed
  • Source:Contained in Gray_Morphology.jar, which can be opened using a ZIP utility
    Installation: Download Gray_Morphology.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restart ImageJ, then run the plugin using the Plugins/Morphology/Graysale Morphology... command.
    Description: This plugin performs the basic grayscale morphologic operations of erosion, dilation, opening and closing with several types of structuring elements (SEs):
    • circles
    • diamonds
    • horizontal lines
    • vertical lines
    • 2 horizontal points
    • 2 verical poins
    • arbitrary shape
    What is more important, is that the user can vary the size of the SEs! It is build upon the StructureElement class and the Constants interface The develpoment of this alogorithm was inspired by the book of Jean Serra" Image Analysis and Mathematical Morphology". I felt the lack of mathematical morphology tools in the Open Source community and decided to contribute it under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

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