Author: Wayne Rasband (wsr at
Installation: This plugin is built into ImageJ 1.50f and later as the Analyze>Tools>Grid command.
Description: This plugin creates a non-destructive grid of lines, crosses or points on the current image or stack. You can specify the the grid type (lines, crosses or points), the area per point (in pixels or physical units), and the color.

The "Horizontal Lines" option can be used to implement the stereological method for measuring relative length of neurites in culture described in:

Ronn, L. C., Ralets, I., Hartz, B. P., Bech, M., Berezin, A., Berezin, V., Moller, A. and Bock, E. (2000). A simple procedure for quantification of neurite outgrowth based on stereological principles. J. Neurosci. Methods 100, 25-32

The previous version of this plugin (renamed Grid2) is also available (, Grid2_.class).

History: 2001/04/25: First version
2002/04/26: Fixed no image open bug
2004/05/10: Added "Random Offset" checkbox
2007/07/02: Grid drawn in non-destructive overlay
2008/10/17: Added "Horizontal Lines" option
2015/11/23: Added "Bold" checkbox; crosses are larger
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