Grouped ZProjector

Author: Charlie Holly (caholly at, Holly Mountain Software
History: 2000/05/11: First version
2003/05/11: Updated to work with ImageJ 1.31
2004/02/09: Worked around Windows JVM bug that caused ImageJ to crash
2004/04/01: Works with RGB stacks (requires ImageJ 1.32f or later)
Installation: Download Grouped_ZProjector.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: Grouped_ZProjector performs a z-projection on a stack of images. The stack is segregated into some number of groups (by specifying a group size) and a z-projection is performed on each group using ZProjector. The result is a new stack of images, one slice for each group. The output stack has the same type as the input stack. The projection methods supported are the same as for ZProjector; currently "Average Intensity", "Max Intensity", and "Sum Slices". (It appears that ZProjector actually uses the "Average Intensity" method instead of the "Sum Slices" method.)

Grouped_ZProjector is primarily designed to be run as a plugin from within the ImageJ environment, but may also be used by other plugins, etc... When launched as a plugin, the default constructor is used and then the run method is called. Other code wishing to use Grouped_ZProjector should use the setMethod and computeProjection methods directly; the buildDialog getMethod, and validGroupSize methods may also come in handy.

See Also: The Image>Stacks>Z Project command in ImageJ 1.40 or later, which does "grouped" projections if you first convert to a hyperstack using the Image>Hyperstacks>Stack to Hyperstack command.

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