InstantImager Reader

Author: George H. Silva (George_Silva at chemie_bio_uni-giessen_de)
History: 2005/08/23: v1.00 - initial release
2005/08/26: v1.01 - minor fixes and added code for extracting/displaying header information
2005/08/29: v1.02 - removed "public" modifiers from class variables
Installation: Download InstantImager_Reader.class to the plugins folder, or a subfolder of the plugins folder, and restart ImageJ.
Description: Opens images in the Packard InstantImager format (*.img); also extracts the header information into a log window. Packard was purchased by PerkinElmer many years ago and development/support/sales of the InstantImager were terminated. However, many labs still use these machines today running Windows 3.x/95 (!) with the default software (running in 256-color mode). The images themselves are 16-bit data files. After many (many!) web searches, I could not find any information regarding the file format or updated software for the InstantImager (especially something that could display/process the images on modern PC systems in something better than 256-color mode). Using a hex-editor and some guess work, I hacked out this plugin to open/analyze the data in ImageJ. As such, I would appreciate comments if things do or do not work.

Install the latest HandleExtraFileTypes plugin and you will be able to open InstantImager using File/Open or by using drag and drop.

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