Image Moments

Author: Dimiter Prodanov (dimiterpp at
History: 2008/12/11: First version
Source:Contained in the JAR file. To open a JAR file, change the extension from ".jar" to ".zip" and double click on it.
Installation: Download Image_Moments.jar to the plugins folder, restart ImageJ, and there will be a new "Image Moments command in the Analyze>Tools submenu.
Description: This plugin calculates image moments of n-th rank. The code is based on The plugin supports grayscale, short, float images and stacks. It does not support RGB images or stacks.


  • xbar, ybar: center of gravity of the image or the selection
  • M[mn]: raw image moments of m+n rank
  • m[mn]: central image moments of m+n rank
  • n[mn]: scaled image moments of m+n rank

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