Image Correlator

Authors: Wayne Rasband (wsr at and Kevin (Gali) Baler
Limitations:Only works with 8-bit images or stacks.
Installation: Copy Image_Correlator.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: Generates an XY plot and correlation coefficient that indicate how well correlated two images or stacks are. Uses the value of a given pixel in the first image as the x-coordinate and the value of the corresponding pixel in the second image as the y-coordinate. These are plotted into a new window or stack to give a scatter plot. The plugin uses Process/Equalize to enhance the contrast of the scatter plot.

Check "Display Counts" in the dialog and the non-zero scatter plot counts will be displayed in a window.

History: 2001/03/21: First version
2002/04/10: Lists counts in window
2003/09/30: Recording now works
2003/11/19: Works with stacks. Plot is contrast enhanced.
2003/11/21: Added "Collate Z-Data" option. Supports counts>65535.
2013/01/28: Calculates correlation coefficient
See Also: Gary Chinga's Image CorrelationJ plugin

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