Capture Images with Hamamatsu Orca Camera

Author: Jeffrey Kuhn (
The University of Texas at Austin
Requirements:ImageJ 1.18p or later
Limitations:Only runs on Windows
Source: and
API: AcquireIMAQ_.html
Installation: Download AcquireIMAQ_.class to the plugins folder and AcquireIMAQ_Native.dll to the ImageJ folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: Combination of Java and Native Windows C code to capture an image with a Hamamatsu Orca 12-bit camera and a National Instruments Image Acquisition board. This plugin could serve as an example of how ImageJ can communicate with C code through JNI, allowing ImageJ to capture images when there is no Java programming library or Twain driver available for a frame grabber.

The Makefile is based on an example JNI Makefile from Sun. If you want to recompile the acquisition package, edit the beginning of the Makefile (the variables JDKDIR, IMAQDIR, IMAGEJDIR, and DLLDIR) to point to your install directories. NOTE: Compilation requires that you have the National Instruments IMAQ library installed.

To build everything, type
nmake build

To build an executable file to test the C++ acquisition code, type
nmake test

If everything compiles without a hitch, install it with
nmake install

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