ISAC Manager

Authors: Remi Cathelin - SIGENAE Team - INRA (cathelin at
Christophe Klopp - SIGENAE Team - INRA (klopp at
History: 2005/03/29: First version
2005/04/26: Fixed bug of wrong created selection file's name; Fixed bug of empty .inf file creation; Added defaults .inf values if unknown
2005/05/25: Fixed bug that caused a crash during image opening on Windows OS; Allowed to save no "Fuji BAS Scanners" images at ISAC format
2005/08/31: Updated to work with 8, 12 and 32 bits unsigned ISAC format images
Source: Contained in ISAC_.jar, which can be opened using a ZIP utility.
Installation: Download ISAC_.jar to the plugins folder, restart ImageJ, then use the commands in the ISAC submenu of the Plugins menu.
Description: These plugins allow to easily open/save and create a new image from a selection.
"Image Save and Carry" format (ISAC or IS&C) is a standard format of image developped by the Japanese Industry Radiology Apparatus (JIRA). For example, Fuji BAS Scanners (like the BAS5000) use this format.
In this format, an image is composed of two associated files: ~.img and ~.inf. The ~.img file is the raw data of image and the ~.inf file is the information part of image data.


You can use the ISAC Manager plugin or call each plugin separately.
Open ISAC... automatically opens an image (select the ~.inf or the ~.img file).
Duplicate ISAC allows to create in a new window a new image using the current ROI. Without ROI, a copy of the current image is created.
Save As ISAC saves an image in ISAC format (~.img and ~.inf files are created).

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