Open and Save Images Using Jimi

Authors: Wayne Rasband (wsr at and
Ulf Dittmer (udittmer at
History: 1999/10/08: First version
2001/09/07: Better error message when jimi.jar not found
2003/10/18: Fixed Jimi_Writer recording bug
2004/01/06: Added ICO write support (requires updated jimi.jar)
2004/01/29: Jimi_Writer recording fixed again
Limitations: Requires Sun's 445K Jimi library.
Bugs: The Jimi library on the Sun Web site does not write PICT files correctly. The jimi.jar available from this site has been updated with the patch at to fix this problem.
Source: and
Installation: Download Jimi_Reader.class, Jimi_Writer.class and jimi.jar to the plugins folder, then restart ImageJ.
Description: These plugins open and save GIF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PICT, Photoshop, BMP, Targa, ICO, CUR, Sunraster, XBM, XPM and PCX image files. More information about Jimi, including source code, is available on the Sun Web site at

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