Joel Time Stamper

Author: Eric Kischell (keesh)
It bastardizes List Opener, Time Stamper, and Batch Converter plugins by
Wayne Rasband

03/03/2003: First version Requested by Joel B. Sheffield, Ph.D
03/12/2003: Additional tweaking, error handling, and command line interface
03/22/2003: Additional error handling and cleanup

Requires: ImageJ 1.29v or later.
Installation: Download Joel_Time_Stamper.class  to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
For more advanced comamnd-line directions see the sample Command Line Example.
Description: This plug-in is a custom jobber for Joel.
  1. The user generates a simple file list in some desired order (ex. creation order).
  2. The plugin sequentially opens each image file,
  3. destructively inserts a time annotation into each image (a number of increasing value),
  4. and then saves the file with its original name in a new directory.
Plan B. i.e. (1) use the antiquated DOS system to generate a file list in creation order. (2) Then, since the file comes up with all sorts of info, edit the file in Excell to strip out the irrelevant material and leave a simple list of file names. (3) in ImageJ, sequentially open each file, then insert a number of increasing value, and then to save the result in a new directory.

This plugin opens images from a text file list.
The list can contain full paths or just file names.
The default input directory is the one containing the text file list.
The times are drawn in the current foreground color.
X and Y are the image locations where the user wants the time stamp to appear.
Supports Tiff, Jpeg, Gif, bmp, DICOM, FITS, raw format images.
The default output format is TIF.
The destination folder, directory, must exist.

It can also be called from the command line using the command:
java -cp ij.jar;.   Joel_Time_Stamper   my_filelist   output_dir
start_time   interval_time   x_loc   y_loc   font_size   decinal_places   suffix

Replace "java" with "C:\ImageJ\jre\bin\java"
to use the Java distributed with ImageJ.
On Unix, replace the " ; " with " : ".