LC_Pro Plugin and Demo


Michael Francis (


2012/05/03: First version


Download LC_Pro.jar, and extract it to obtain the source.


Paste LC_Pro.jar into the imageJ plugins folder


LC_Pro is an imageJ plugin that performs automated region of interest analysis (ROI) on gray scale image sequences.


  1. Start ImageJ and select Plugins -> LCpro -> LCpro

  2. Enter the ROI diameter in pixels

  3. Enter the movie frame rate (in frames per second)

  4. If you are measuring the effect of a drug, check “drug treatment”

  5. If “drug treatment” is checked, enter the time interval during which the drug was added (in seconds).

  6. Select the detection confidence limit: p = 0.05 or 0.01.

  7. Select the folder containing the files to be analyzed

Output files:

  1. “ROI normalized.txt”: a tab delimited file containing intensity versus time values for each region of interest

  2. “Parameter List.txt”: a tab delimited file containing spatial and temporal information about each detected event.

  3. “Mean Values.txt”: a tab delimited file containing the average parameter values from LC_Pro. If “drug treatment” was checked, both “Parameter List.txt” and “Mean Values.txt” will be split into before/after versions of the files.


The file test.tif is included as a demonstration. Running LC_Pro with default parameters on test.tif should result in the output file “Parameter List.txt” containing the following entries:

1 230 32 1.50 13.75 9.12 0.88 8.25 13.00 402

2 254 38 1.47 14.75 6.38 1.12 5.25 8.89 125


  • Input files must be 8 bit, grayscale .tif stacks with no scale information

  • Multiple files in a single folder will be run sequentially using the entered parameter values.

  • ImageJ must have at least 1300 MB ram available

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