Author: Yugo Sakamoto & Adilson A. Zacaro (levanplugin@ufv.br)
History: 2009/09/23: Initial version
2012/06/09: Updated for the API v1.46m
Source: Included in Levan_.jar
Installation: Download Levan_.jar to the plugins folder, restart ImageJ and the plugin "Levan" command will be located at Menu/Plugins.
Description: The LEVAN is a ROImanager like plugin which enables the first imput for karyotype description and idiogram elaboration using relative lenght data. The plugin classifies the chromosomal morphology of meiotic (bivalents and univalents) or mitotic metaphase chromosomes in digital images. The morphological criterion of the plugin is a modification of the criteria described by Levan et al (1964) and Green & Sessions (1991). A comparative table showing equivalence of the considered criteria for morphological nomenclature of chromosomes, step by step instructions for LEVAN installation and examples can be found in the pdf file here (LEVANTutorial.pdf).
Citation: If you have decided to consider the use of this plugin in your work, please, do not forget to cite both ImageJ and the plugin LEVAN. You may follow these citation examples for the LEVAN plugin:
a) text citation: Sakamoto & Zacaro (2009) or (Sakamoto & Zacaro, 2009);
b) reference citation: Sakamoto, Y. and Zacaro, A. A. 2009. LEVAN, an ImajeJ plugin for morphological cytogenetic analysis of mitotic and meiotic chromosomes. Initial version. An open source Java plugin distributed over the Internet from http://rsbweb.nih.gov/ij/

Examples for ImageJ citation can be found in http://rsbweb.nih.gov/ij/docs/faqs.html
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