Linearize GelData

Authors: Remi Cathelin - SIGENAE Team - INRA (cathelin at
History: 2006/01/25: First version
2012/11/06: Fixed bug that caused plugin to fail with ImageJ 1.43 and later
Bugs: 0 bug(s) listed.
Installation: Download Linearize_GelData.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ. Use the Linearize GelData command in the Plugins menu.
Description: This plugin allows to transform Square-Root Encoded Data (.gel files) to Linear Data.
Formula: grayscale_value = Square(stored_value)*scale factor
2 steps for each pixel:
1/ multiply the pixel value by itself to square the data.
2/ Multiply the squared pixel value by the Scale factor.

Note that the Scale factor is a private tag of the .gel format of files.
16-bit GEL file is an extension to the standard TIFF using private tags.
The MD_ScalePixel tag code is 332446
Default Scale factor value: 1/21025 = 4,75624256837099E-5

A sample image is available.

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