Microscope Scale

Author: Paul Baggethun (Paul.Baggethun at ALCOA.COM)
Source: Microscope_Scale.java
Installation: Download Microscope_Scale.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This plugin lets you calibrate images spatially using hard-coded arrays of magnifications, calibration values and length units. The calibration can optionally be set as global. After spatial calibration the plugin will also optionally run the Analyze/Tools/Scale Bar command, available in version 1.28h. To customize the plugin for your specific microscope, edit the arrays between the "START EDIT" and "END EDIT" comments below. Save anywhere in the "plugins" directory, then use "Compile and Run" option under the "plugins" menu to create a java class. Restart ImageJ.
See Also: QuickSetScale macro

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