QuickTime Opener

Authors: Wayne Rasband (wsr at nih.gov)
Robert Dougherty (www.optinav.com)
Jeff Hardin (jdhardin at facstaff.wisc.edu)
Jeffrey Woodward (jeff.woodward at catchdata.com)
Requires:Requires QuickTime for Java
Limitations: Does not work with 64-bit versions of Java.
Source: QT_Movie_Opener.java, QTVirtualStack.java
Installation: Download QuickTime_Plugins.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restart ImageJ and there will be a new File/Import/Using QuickTime command. This JAR file also installs three other QuickTime plugins: Note that this JAR file is included with the Mac OS X version of ImageJ, version 1.34 and later.
Description: Opens a QuickTime movie as an RGB stack, an 8-bit grayscale stack or as a virtual stack. Also opens images in any of the formats supported by QuickTime: PICT, MacPaint, Photoshop, SGI, GIF, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TGA, and TIFF (uncompressed, PackBits, LZW, Group 3 and 4 fax). Requires QuickTime for Java, which is preinstalled on Macs. Windows users must install QuickTime 7 and copy QTJava.zip to the Java extensions folder (ImageJ\jre\lib\ext).

Jeff Hardin updated this plugin to work with Java 1.4.x on OS X. The updated plugin has only been tested under OS X 10.3 with QuickTime for Java 6.1. An O'Reilly article at www.onjava.com/lpt/a/4318 explains why an updated version is necessary.

Install the HandleExtraFileTypes plugin and you will be able to open QuickTime movies with a ".mov" extension using File/Open or by using drag and drop.

History: 2000/06/26: First version
2001/05/10: Adds option to open as 8-bit grayscale
2001/05/15: Fixed bug that could result in duplicate or missing frames
2001/05/23: Faster and uses less memory; opens single images
2002/07/19: Opens DV movies with higher quality
2003/11/25: Works with OS X/Java 1.4.x
2004/08/30: Renamed QT_Movie_Opener; recordable
2006/10/23: Fixed bug that could cause an exception when opening a QT movie
2008/11/26: Added "Use Virtual Stack" option, thanks to Jeffrey Woodward
2008/12/16: "Convert to 8-bit Grayscale" option works with virtual stacks
See Also: QuickTime Capture plugin - Capture video to a stack
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