MREJ Plugin and Demo

Author:             Bing Nan LI (bingoon at

Source:             Download the toolkit MREJ for ImageJ from: or the ImageJ website at

Installation:       Decompress the ZIP file as MREJ to the place where your ImageJ is installed, simply put the MREJ folder into the subdirectory plugins, restart your ImageJ, and make sure that there is the MREJ toolkit in the menu plugins.



1. Start ImageJ

2. Open the phase file containing MRE wave images (dont open the magnitude image at this time) before starting MREJ

Here are two examples:

Validation_Mayo_... comes from mayo clinic: Opening the RAW-formatted phase images with 8bit, 256X256, 8 images.
Validation_MREJ_... is a simulation dataset by our group: Opening the RAW-formatted phase images with 64bit real, 256X256, 8 images.



3. Choose a method for MRE elasticity reconstruction. It is optional to apply directional filtering or not.



4. Set the controlling parameters (it is ok to accept most of them except for mechanical frequency and fov).



5. Import the magnitude image, which could be JPG, BMP, PNG or any format ImageJ recognizes.



6. Click next, now enjoy.




7.This plugin supports the article at



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