MRI File Manager (Bruker)

Authors: Olivier MONTIGON - IRMaGe Grenoble - INSERM (
History: 2015/05/06: First version
Source: Contained in BrukerFiles-IJ-1.0_.jar which can be opened using a ZIP utility.
Installation: Download BrukerFiles-IJ-1.0_.jar to the plugins folder, restart ImageJ, then use the command in File > import > MRI File Manager (Bruker).

This plugin reads reconstructed data files (2dseq) from Bruker MRI spectrometers (Paravision 5 & 6). It shows a list of patients, studies and data files and RMI sequences in a practical way. You can open images via a double-click or with the right mouse button in the sequence browser.
To help navigate through the data, an image preview and information about selected MRI parameters are displayed.

First steps:

  • - Click the 'Bruker' button
  • - An Open File Dialog box opens
  • - Choose the root folder where the data files are stored
  • - Select a data in the Data browser, a list of RMI sequences is displayed
  • - choose a sequence (simple click) and you can see a list of parameters and an image preview
  • - click on the column headers to sort the data
  • - double-click on the sequence to open image (or with right mouse button)
  • - you can specify the default directory with menu Preference > Current working directory

This plugin was developed by Olivier Montigon without any support from Bruker.