MR Urography

Authors: Jean-Nicolas Dacher (jean-nicolas.dacher at, CHU of Rouen, Quant-IF lab),
Michael Dolores (michael.dolores at, CHU of Rouen, Quant-IF lab),
Pierre-Hugues Vivier (pierre-hugues.vivier at,
Sonia Choubrac,
Sylvain Payrouse
History: 2003/05/02: Version 1.0
2005/06/23: Version 2.0
2006/10/25: Version 3.0
2007/09/15: Version 4.0
2009/06/29: Version 5.0
Description: This plugin includes the Rohrschneider technique and volumetric assessment of the kidneys. It was designed to edit a report that includes comments, diagnosis and images, in both PDF and html formats. The latest version (v5.0) is available at

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