Multi FDF Opener and Multi VFF Opener

Authors: Shanrong Zhang (Shanrong.Zhang at
   Rogers Magnetic Resonance Center
   Department of Radiology
   University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
Daniel Hornung (daniel.hornung at
   Biomedical Physics Group
   Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization
History: 2004/01/06: First version
2009/11/13: Multi VFF Opener opens images from GEHC microCT scanner
2012/05/04: Multi FDF Opener opens files created by latest Agilent software
Source: and
Installation: Download Multi_VFF_Opener.class and Multi_FDF_Opener.class to the plugins folder, then restart ImageJ.
Description: These plugins can be used to open multiple image files from Varian MRI imaging system ("Multi_FDF_Opener") and EVS 900 micro-CT system ("Multi_VFF_Opener"). They are based upon Michael A. Miller's pioneering efforts.

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