Multi Otsu Threshold

Author: Yasunari Tosa (ytosa at
History: 2006/04/14: First version
Installation: Download to the plugins folder, or subfolder, then compile and run it using Plugins/Compile and Run. Restart ImageJ and there will be a new "Multi OtsuThreshold" command in the Plugins menu, or submenu.
Description: This plugin is a verbose implementation of PS.Liao, TS.Chen, and PC.Chung artile in Journal of Information Science and Engineering, vol. 17, 713-727 (2001). They generalized the Otsu Threshold Algorithm. ImageJ version is available as Otsu_Thresholding.jar. This version deals with only 8 bit gray images and up to 5 levels. When you run the plugin, you specify the number of levels and then you get level segmented images and the gray level histogram.

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