MySQL to ImageJ Interface

Author: Dimiter Prodanov (D.Prodanov at
History: 2004/03/10: First version
Installation: Download to the plugins folder, or subfolder, and compile and run using Plugins/Compile and Run.
Description: This is an example how to link ImageJ to a RDBMS engine like MySQL
you should change the database, dbHost, dbTable, dbUser and dbPass
to match your system. It simply connects to a MySQL database specified in the
database variable loacated at a ceratin host (dbHost), using a valid user name (dbUser) and password (dbPass), and then tries to read the records from the table, specified in the dbTable variable.

In order to get it going besides the access to the RDBMS you need the Connector/J packages located at the site and put the jar file in the $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext folder.

The dowload section is here.

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