Nikon ND2 Reader

Author: Shigeo Kiriyama (skiriyama at
Nikon Instruments Inc
History: 2007/11/27: First version
2012/02/25: Supports 64-bit Windows and NIS-Elements v4.0 ND2 files
2012/06/26: Fixed a bug (ND2 files which pathnames contain multi-byte characters such as Japanese failed to load); installer installs msvc2008 redistributable automatically.
2014/05/04: 64-bit installer defaults to Program Files directory
Limitations: Windows only
Source:The Java source for the plugin is in ND_Viewer.jar. Source for the native DLLs is not provided.
Installation: Download and run either the 32-bit installer (ImageJ-ND-Viewer-Plugin-32bit.msi) or the 64-bit installer (ImageJ-ND-Viewer-Plugin-64bit.msi).
Description: This plugin, which is based on Joachim Walter's Image5D plugin, opens Nikon ND2 files, views them in six dimensions and exports the data to TIFFs or creates an AVI of any dimension. A PDF document is included with the plugin.
See Also: Bio-Formats plugin, which opens some first version ND2 files, and it runs on Mac, Linux and Windows. Note that the current version of the Bio-Formats plugin is not endorsed by Nikon and may not correctly display some metadata.

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