Stack Normalizer

Author: Joachim Walter (Walter at
History: 2002/02/01: First version
2002/04/01: Works with non-rectangular ROIs
2004/03/05: Updated to work with the byte masks used in v1.32c
2005/04/22: Works with 32-bit stacks and signed 16-bit stacks
2009/08/09: Added progress bars
Installation: Download Stack_Normalizer.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: The Stack_Normalizer recalculates the grey levels of the stack, so that the minimum and maximum grey level after normalization are equal to the specified values. The minimum and maximum grey levels are determined in the whole stack and not just in one plane. For RGB images all channels are normalized to the same min/max values.
See Also: Process/Enhance Contrast command

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