OpenGL 5DVisualizer

Author: Leandro Bugnon (, directed by Bioing. Javier Diaz Zamboni - Programación Avanzada - Bioingeniería - Facutad de Ing. - Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos (Argentina)
History: 2011/04/12: First version
Installation: Download OpenGL . This ZIP file contains a jar file with the source code and compiled plugin, manual of use and the necesary Java Binding for OpenGL (JOGL) libraries to run according to your operating system. Please read the manual for installation guide.
Description: This plugin manages real-time 3D/4D/5D image visualization applying two widely used reconstruction algorithms: Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) and Direct Volume Rendering (DVR), taking advantage of hardware processing through aceleration graphic card & OpenGL coding, which is faster than a software processing implementation. All details are consigned in the manual, inside the ZIP file.

Screen Shot

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