Open Andor .SIF files

Authors: L. Stirling Churchman (stirling at
Philippe Carl (pcarl at
Yoshiyuki Arai (araiy at
History: 2004/02/13: First version
2006/08/15: Philippe Carl created a modified version of the plugin (, Open_SIF.class) that supports the latest version of Andor software
2007/04/26: The modified plugins (, Open_SIF.class) support an additional verson of Andor software
2009/08/03: Yoshiyuki Arai created a modifeid version of the plugin that supports the Andor SOLIS (Solis Version: 4.9.30004.0) software
2011/01/03: The modified version of the plugin (, Open_SIFkai_.class) that supports the following Andor SOLIS Versions: 4.9.30004.0, 4.13.30000.0 and 4.15.30000.0.
2014/11/15: Goro Nishimura created a version of the plugin (, Open_SIF_sCMOS_.class) that can import SIF format files taken by Andor sCMOS camera.
Limitation: Cannot read files with more than one subimage or stacks with time stamps.
Installation: Download OpenSIF_.class to the plugins folder and restart ImageJ.

Opens an Andor .sif file as an image or a stack. The width, height and number of images are extracted from the ASCII encoded variable length header.

Note: if your files have more than one subimage this program will not open your .sif file correctly. If your stack of images have time stamps associated with each image, this program will also not work. However, it would not be hard to modify the code to open those types of files.

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