JAR Resources Demo

Authors: Daniel Tyreus, CircuSoft Instrumentation LLC and
Wayne Rasband (wsr at nih.gov)
Source: JAR_Resources_Demo.java
Requires: ImageJ 1.43t or later
Installation: Download jar_resources_demo.jar to the plugins folder, or subfolder, restarts ImageJ, and there will be a new "JAR Resources Demo" command in the Plugins menu.
Description: This plugin demonstrates how files required for plugins can be packaged and placed in a jar file. What it does is load and display a text file, open two images and run a macro, all contained in jar_resources_demo.jar. Note that the text file, images and macro are in a directory named "demo-resources" inside the jar file.
See Also: The JAR Plugin demonstrates how plugins can be packaged in JAR files and installed in multiple menus.
History: 2003/11/09: First version
2003/11/18: Improved error messages
2008/02/07: Added macro example
2010/04/05: Added LUT example (requires 1.43t)

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