Plugins Control Panel

Author: Cezar M. Tigaret (c.tigaret at
History: 2000/11/14: (v0.1) initial version
2000/12/06: (v0.2) with Java 2, uses a tree control panel
2001/08/31: (v0.4a) adds "Reload" function; Java 2 version has online help; popup menu is back; buttons displayed in scrollable window
2001/09/05: (v0.4b) GUI enhancements
2004/01/30: built into ImageJ 1.31v as Plugins/Utilities/Control Panel
Source: Included in the archive
Installation: An improved version of the Plugins Control Panel is built into ImageJ 1.31v or later as the Plugins/Utilities/Control Panel command.
Description: This plugin allows access to classes installed in subdirectories of the main "plugin" directory, using a tabbed panel with buttons.

1) Plugins can now installed in subdirectories according to a simple clasification criterion (for an example, look at ImageJ plugins Web page (, respecting the naming conventions set by Wayne Rasband.

2) Depending on the version of your Java platform, ImageJ user plugins will be accessed from one of the two GUI versions that are automatically selected accordingly:
    a) a tabbed control panel (Java 1)
    b) a tree control panel (Java 2 SE, version 1.3 or newer)

3) The tabbed control panel is actually a "notebook" with each "page" corresponding to a plugins subdirectory. Pages are selectable using a horizontal row of tabs at the top edge of the notebook. Each tab gets its name from the subdirectory containing the plugins collection. Right-click in the narrow space under the tab row pops up a menu for page selection.

4) The tabbed panel supports more than one level of directory branching. However, the control panel will display one row of tabs, regardless of the directory tree depth.


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