PDF Writer

Author: Jerome Mutterer and Ulf Dittmer
History: 2005/11/22: First version
2005/11/28: Second version adds several options
2011/06/03: Updated for iText 2
Source: PDF_Writer.java
Installation: Download PDF_Writer.class and iText-2.1.7.jar to the ImageJ plugins folder and restart ImageJ.
Description: This plugin saves the current image in PDF format using the iText 2 library freely available here.

Before choosing a file name for the PDF, a dialog lets the user set several options:

  • whether or not to show the name of an image
  • whether or not to show the pixel size of an image
  • whether to scale the image proportionately to maximum page width/height
  • whether to save all images or just the frontmost one
  • whether to save one image per page or as many as possible
  • if the output format should be US Letter or A4
These settings are remembered between ImageJ restarts via the plugin preference mechanism.

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