Add Poisson Noise

Author: Ignazio Gallo (
History: 2008/11/22: First version
2008/12/01: Updated; see comments in source for details
2013/04/25: Updated; see comments in source for details
Requires: ImageJ 1.38n or later
Installation: Copy Poisson_Noise.class to the plugins folder and run the Help>Update Menus command.
Description: This plugin adds specified Poisson distributed noise to each pixel of an image using a simple way to generate random Poisson-distributed numbers given by Knuth (

Poisson noise or shot noise is a type of electronic noise that occurs when the finite number of particles that carry energy, such as electrons in an electronic circuit or photons in an optical device, is small enough to give rise to detectable statistical fluctuations in a measurement. It is important in electronics, telecommunications, and fundamental physics.

This plugin works with all ImageJ data types (8-bit, 16-bit, float and RGB), with stacks and with non-rectangular selections.

The pixel values ​​must be not too small: for example images with values ​​in the range [0, 1] become meaningless after the addition of noise.

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