Polynomial Surface Fit

Author: Dwight Bartholomew (Dwight.Bartholomew at L-3com.com)
L3 Communications Infrared Products
History: 2014/02/24: First release
Source: Polynomial_Surface_Fit.java
Requires: jama.jar
Installation: Download Polynomial_Surface_Fit.class into the ImageJ/plugins folder or an immediate subfolder.
Description: This ImageJ plugin calculates a polynomial surface fit of an image. It's equivalent to applying a low-spatial-frequency filter to the image.

The plugin requires a monochrome image.  If the image is a stack the plugin fits the average stack frame. The user is asked to select the fitting polynomial order, currently limited to 0 through 9th-order.

The plugin creates a new image representing the surface fit.


  • Outlier pixels can adversely affect the fit so I recommend removing severe outliers prior to using this plugin.
  • Using too high a fitting polynomial order will lead to poor fitting.